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4 keys to better, stress-free back translation

Back Translation guideThe definitive client guide to back translation.

You'll learn:

  • what back translation is and how we go about it
  • what it gives you, and what it won't acheive
  • what projects it's suited to, and when not to use it
  • how to successfully manage your back translation projects

Includes a free 28 page e-book.

Plus two explanatory videos.


Simple steps to great multilingual dtp outcomes

Translation invoiceA comprehensive, must-read guide for anyone involved or interested in multilingual desktop publishing.

Business clients and project managers will find all the information and practical know-how needed to successfully manage multi-language projects.

And designers will learn the problems areas for typesetting foreign language texts into an existing design - and how to overcome them.

Includes a free 33 page e-book.


The 9 essential components to a professional translation invoice

Translation invoiceThe primary aim of your translation invoice is to get you paid for your services - on time!

For that to happen, it must have all the right content – the following 9 essential elements every translation invoice should include.

Plus there is proven wording to use for your invoice descriptions, and key invoicing tips from our 20+ years experience.

And we have a set of free invoice templates designed especially for freelance translators, and a downloadable invoicing checklist (pdf) to keep for future reference.  Plus video.


Negative translation feedback - what an opportunity!

Translation feedbackIf you’re like most freelance translators you won’t enjoy being asked to respond to negative translation feedback.

But here’s the surprising thing:

When that request comes from an agency and the criticism is unwarranted …

… it’s actually a great opportunity.

We explain how to respond so you not only come through with your reputation intact, but actually enhance your standing with the agency - and make them want to give you even more translation work in future.


How to create the ideal freelance translator website

Translator-websiteWhat does it take to create a website that so impresses your potential clients they’ll happily place their translation work with you?

Well, it takes getting your content just right and doing a superb job at establishing your credibility.

If that sounds a bit daunting, then this article is for you.

We'll step you through exactly what your freelance translator website needs to achieve precisely that.

Free downloadable checklist.   Plus video.


The super practical guide to the 4 main types of translation for business

4-main-types-of-translationWe dissect the 4 main types of translation used in business, and identify:
- the advantages and disadvantages of each
- the different quality levels each type produces
- what each method is best suited for, (and when you should and shouldn't use them).

Which is just the knowledge you need to select the right type of translation for your projects, and so better manage translation cost and risk.

Includes downloadable summary infographic. Plus video.


The dead simple way to get great client testimonials

Client-testimonialsMost people, understandably, find getting great client testimonials somewhat challenging.

Well, our method is simplicity itself, and has worked like a dream for us for years - just look at our results.

It's a method that has a bunch of advantages, including that it's automated, dead simple for your clients, and easy to implement.


The smarter, more effective approach to quote follow up

Quote-follow-upFor most people, quote follow up simply means firing off an e-mail and hoping that will do the trick.

But here's the thing:

Whilst an "e-mail and hope" approach is better than nothing and will bring some success, there's a much, much smarter and infinitely more successful way to tackle quote follow up.

In fact, it's so much more effective we’re sure that if you follow these guidelines you’ll end up earning more, it’s that simple.


The secrets to crafting successful translation quotes

Here’s the thing about translation quotes:

You can’t just provide a bunch of information and expect to be successful.

Winning quotes are carefully crafted, well directed marketing - they need to promote your expertise and showcase your professionalism.

If that sounds a bit daunting, don’t worry!

This article has everything you need to create professional, engaging and effective translation quotes - and so increase your chances of landing more work.

With free downloadable checklist. Plus video.


The 5 keys to an effective translator cover letter

ideal freelance translator cover letterA freelance translator cover letter targeting an agency should have one simple aim ...

get them to read your CV.

That’s it, nothing more.

With this focus, knowing how to write an effective cover letter is really dead simple.

In fact, ... there are just 5 key areas to get right.

Includes infographic. Plus video.


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