Translation of Brochures and Marketing Materials

Your brochures and marketing materials project your company’s image and serve as potent sales tools.

It's therefore vital your brochure translations convey the correct message and generate the desired impact on your foreign language audience.

These materials often combine general description, promotional text and technical detail. This demands translators able to write well across different styles - to handle factual description and specialised technical content whilst at the same time possessing a flair for producing more punchy marketing text.

Unfortunately, not all translators can do this. In particular, some struggle where a less literal and more stylistic flourish and turn of phrase is needed.

Selecting the right person for your translation is therefore key.

Our brochure translation services

Our experienced translation personnel have a proven track record of high quality work across all writing styles.

They have the translation skills needed, and stick like glue to best practice translation processes.

We will ensure your brochure translations are completed to professional standard and achieve the impact you want - every time.

"Quality-assured" translations for brochures

For brochures and marketing materials we provide quality-assured translations.

This involves an initial translation by a qualified, experienced translator followed by a full review by a second translator. The two translators then collaborate to produce the final wording of the text.

This produces our highest level of translation quality - the fourth of the 4 main types of translation for business.

It ensures both the accuracy of the translation and that the wording will be effective from a marketing perspective.


Single or multi-language projects

We can translate your brochures and promotional materials into an extensive range of translation languages.

Many projects are single language - producing a Spanish or French brochure translation, for example. Or dual language - combining a German translation with English, for example

But others involve multiple languages.

The CJK combination, with or without English, is common - that's your brochure translated and typeset into Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

And a brochure combining Maori, Samoan and Tongan translations is also commonplace in New Zealand.

All sorts of other language combinations are possible, and 10 or more languages isn't unheard of.

Brochure translation time frames

Many factors can affect how long a brochure translation project will take - the languages, length of text, subject matter, typesetting time, etc.

Our quotes will always state a firm time frame, or you can e-mail us your document and we'll give you an indication.

For rule-of-thumb guidelines and the factors affecting project turnarounds, see our blog article on realistic translation project times.

Typesetting of brochure translations

Whilst some marketing materials are produced in Word or PowerPoint, most are created with graphic design files.

We have over 20 years' experience and considerable expertise in foreign language typesetting and desktop publishing and can provide your brochure translations as professional quality artwork in any design program and almost any language.

This includes those script-based languages that pose specific typesetting challenges - translations into Thai and Arabic for example. And the Indian languages - see our Hindi translation and typesetting page for details.

We have the know-how and software to ensure your brochures are error free, aesthetically pleasing and deliver the right message to your intended target audience - every time.

Examples of our brochure translation and typesetting work:

The Importance of good presentation

Ensuring your brochure is visually appealing to your target audience is as important as ensuring the translation is of high quality.

Brochures that are poorly laid out or have poor font choices can convey the wrong message and poorly represent your brand and products.

Foreign language typesetting is a specialised field, with specific knowledge needed to avoid its many pitfalls.

It's not enough to simply know standard typesetting techniques. A full understanding of layout conventions, design aesthetics and appropriate font usage for your target language(s) is imperative.

We recommend you use us to typeset your brochure translations - we've built up the required skills and know-how over 20 years. You'll eliminate the risk of substandard multilingual typesetting.

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