Expert Patent Translation Services

Patents should only ever be translated by specialist patent translators, as they understand the specific requirements and characteristics of patent translation.

Translators need to understand what patents are and do, their structure, and key patent and trade mark terms and concepts (prior art, claims, etc).

Equally they must reference the IPC and always use the correct, existing terminology to ensure key terms are conveyed properly.

Patent Translation Services

Total consistency of phraseology is paramount for patent translations, but this isn’t something that comes naturally to generalist translators. Their instincts and training are to re-word repeated text to avoid direct repetition.

Our experience is that even highly qualified translators or technical experts can, and do, come unstuck with patents if they haven't been instructed in these specific requirements.

At Pacific International Translations we understand patents and the process needed to translate them.

We have experienced patent translators across a broad range of fields for the translation of specifications and related documents.

We also have sector experts available for the translation of technical texts, and appreciate which texts need a specialist translator, and which ones don't.

We cover a range of patent translation languages, including French, German and Japanese.

Two quality levels for patent translations

We typically provide patent translation services as quality-assured translations.

These follow translation best practice and comply with all international translation Standards, including Translation Quality Standard EN15038. They are our highest level of translation quality.

This features an initial translation followed by a full review from a second translator. Final wording is determined by collaboration between translator and reviewer. This use of two translators is instrumental in avoiding inadvertent errors, ensuring 100% accuracy and appropriateness of terminology, and maintaining consistency of phraseology and wording throughout the translation.

An alternative would be our budget professional translations. These are completed by an experienced patent translator but don’t include a second translator review. Thus they carry a small risk of inadvertent error or inconsistency in wording. This option can be considered for non-critical documents, and offers cost savings and generally a faster turnaround.


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These guidelines to realistic translation project times may also be useful.

Our patent clients include:


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