PacTranz Terms Of Trade

In these terms, “we” refers to Pacific International Translations (NZ) Ltd, and “our client” refers to any person or entity asking for a quote or engaging us to provide any of our services. These terms apply to all quotes we issue and to all work we agree to carry out.

Our undertakings

1. We agree and undertake to complete the work in the format and manner agreed, as described in our quote or as specified in writing by our client and agreed to by us.

2. We will complete all projects to professional standards. For translation work we will follow accepted best practice and comply with European Standard EN15038 “Translation services – Service requirements”. In particular we will ensure all translations are completed by qualified translators, and our quality-assured translations will be reviewed by a second translator before delivery.

3. We will maintain confidentiality of all client information and documents.

4. We will keep our project files for a minimum of 5 years following project completion.

Changes to a project

4. We will accept additions and alterations to a project unless we would then not be able to meet the required timeframe.

5. We will communicate any issues to our client.

6. Changes that involve us in additional work will be charged at our standard rates or on a pro rata basis based on our initial quote.

Client responsibilities

7. Our client will need to provide us with all information and files required for a project, and any additional explanations or clarifications we might need during the project.


8. Our client may cancel a project at any time.

9. Translation work completed at the time of cancellation will be charged at our standard rates, or as a percentage of our quote. For interpreting assignments, our standard interpreting cancellation fee structure will apply.

Payment terms

10. By the 20th of the month following the date of our invoice, or as otherwise stated in our quote.


11. Client intellectual property will remain the property of our client. Once our invoice(s) have been paid in full, intellectual property in translated documents will assign to our client. Intellectual property in the know-how, processes and methodology we use will remain our property.

Translation quality issues

12. We will promptly investigate any client queries regarding the quality of the work we have produced, and will rectify any errors without charge. However it is recognised that judgements of translation quality are subjective and often a matter of individual preference. We reserve the right to charge clients for requested amendments to translations that we assess as having been of acceptable professional standard.

Dispute resolution

13. It is expected that any dispute will be amicably resolved by discussion between the parties. Failing this, a mediation process may be agreed. If the parties are unable to so agree, mediation shall be on the terms of the LEADR New Zealand Inc. standard mediation agreement.