Foreign Language Voice-overs & Subtitles

Pacific International Translations has a considerable experience in voice-over translation services.

We can translate your audio scripts for foreign language voicing in most of our 80+ translation languages.

We are also able to provide experienced voice artists to record translated scripts in most major languages.

Our experience in translating scripts covers a diverse range of subject matter, including texts of a technical nature – see our business translation service offering for further information.

The extra translation step in a script translation

Foreign Language Voice-overs & Subtitles

A foreign language voice-over script translation must of course be accurate and well-worded.

It must also have correct timings - to ensure the voice artist can comfortably read each sentence/section in the time available on the video.

As translations regularly end up longer than the source text, some editing back of the voice-over translation script will typically be necessary.

The translator completes this by working from a timed English script. They will match the length of each section of the translation with the seconds allowed for it in the video.

As a final check they will read the translation out against the original video to confirm timings.

Foreign language voice-overs - project methodology

This is the process we use for a voice-over project:
  1. the script is translated into the foreign language
  2. the length of each section of the translation is compared to the available space and edited as necessary to fit
  3. a second translator reviews the translated script to confirm timings, translation accuracy and quality of expression
  4. the script is voiced by an experienced voice artist in the studio


To obtain a quote for a voice-over project

E-mail us the following:

  • your original English script if you have it, ideally timed (showing the number of seconds for each spoken segment)
  • a link to your English video
  • the languages(s) or dialect(s) required
  • when and where the recording is to take place
  • your contact details, including a phone number

Alternatively, phone us to discuss.

We'll get back to you promptly with your voice-over quote.


Voice-over pricing guidelines

Translation component
Standard translation rates + 25 - 50%.
The higher rate is due to the additional step needed of ensuring each text segment can be comfortably read within the video time constraints.

Voice artist
Based on the length of the video. Guidelines:
5 min video: $325
10 mins: $575
30 mins: $1075

Rates stated are subject to GST.


The 2 keys to a successful voice-over project

1. Confirm script timings
The translator needs to ensure each section of the translated script can comfortably be read by the voice-over artist in the time allotted. Segments that are too long will cause a problem in the studio. The artist will be forced to read faster or try to edit under pressure, and there’s no guarantee the artist is skilled at editing text. Both actions can be detrimental to the quality of the resulting foreign language version.

2. Use experienced voice talent
Novice readers shouldn't be used. The first time  in a studio is often a daunting proposition, and any reader nervousness will affect the quality of the read. The voice artist must be up to the task, and there is no substitute for experience.

Foreign Language Subtitles

Subtitling is a specialised skill.

All languages have accepted guidelines on how many letters or characters a line of subtitle text can contain, and how many seconds each block of text needs to be displayed on screen.

Failing to follow these guidelines will result in your viewers struggling to read the subtitles in the time they are displayed, or not having enough time to fully take in what is happening in the video itself.

Either of these issues can significantly detract from the impact of your video.

The subtitling translation challenge

In order to maximise your subtitles’ impact, it is essential to conform to these accepted guidelines.

However, we speak faster than we read, and this provides significant difficulty for subtitles.

Text in the video will invariably be longer than can fit in subtitles. Scripts need to be shortened, sometimes considerably. This is a challenge to the translator and is the reason why good subtitles use simple language and short words.

Subtitling is as a result, a difficult skill to master and one that relatively few translators are experienced and good at. It takes training, practice and multiple re-workings to get the best results.

We have solid experience providing subtitles in several languages. Each project needs to be assessed and priced individually - please contact us to discuss your project or arrange a quote.

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