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Key features of our business and commercial translations

And you may need these specialist business and corporate translation services

These are the projects requiring some form of special expertise, either:
- translators with specific technical or sector knowledge,
- know-how around processes and methodologies, or
- niche skills and experience.

  1. Technical translations – these require translators with expertise in the field or domain of the text (because if you don't fully understand a text, you can't translate it correctly). Projects also often involve typesetting the translated texts into graphic design artwork.
  2. Legal translations – a legal background is needed to fully understand legal texts, translate concepts correctly and write in suitable legal style.
  3. Patent translations – translators must be trained in the special requirements of patent translations, and texts can deal with highly technical matters requiring translators with specialist technical expertise.
  4. Brochure translations – these often combine technical, legal and marketing text. So the challenge is translating well across those different styles - different translators may be needed. There are also often space restraints - the translation can only be so long. Most projects will also require a typesetting/dtp component.
  5. Audio and video translations – there are a number of challenges with translating recorded speech, and we use different methodologies depending on how the translation is to be used and the degree of accuracy needed.
  6. Insurance translations – we have processes to hone in on the essential information and disregard the nonessential for certain types of insurance translation. It saves our clients money.
  7. Website translation services – the challenge of identifying content that isn't needed or wouldn't have the desired impact in the target cultures, and so should be adapted. Plus meeting webmasters' technical requirements.
  8. Multilingual typesetting – a specialised niche where you need to understand font usage, layout conventions and design aesthetics for each language you're dealing with, plus have the software and know-how to produce professional quality artwork in those languages.

See our separate pages for more information on each of these specialist corporate translation services.

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What our clients say about out business translations

“I am more than happy with the service Pactranz provide. The turnaround time is good, follow up is prompt, and customer focused”.
PW, Ports of Auckland

“Excellent speedy translations. Thank you for your understanding of the complexity of our work”.
AH, Counties Manukau Health

Your choice of two quality levels for your business and commercial translations – so you get exactly what you need

Quality Assured Translations

  • initial translation by an experienced, tertiary-qualified professional translator or sector expert
  • full second-translator review
  • final wording agreed between translator and reviewer
  • Project Manager safety check

Business translation servicesThis process is best practice, complies with international translation Standards, and provides the highest level of translation quality.

The key feature is the second translator review. This is designed to pick up any error by the initial translator that might have slipped through, and identify and refine the wording if needed.

Our recommendation:
Use this option for your business and commercial translations whenever 100% accuracy and high quality of expression is needed. That means all your client-facing materials, and any time a slip up could damage your business or reputation.

Budget Professional Translations

  • initial translation by an experienced, tertiary-qualified professional translator or sector expert
  • final Project Manager safety check

NZ business translation serviceBudget professional translations don’t include a second translator review. Which means they carry a small risk of human error - after all, translators are human and mistakes can happen.

That said, our translators are experienced, qualified professionals with a proven track record of quality work for us. They consistently produce translations of high professional standard, so the risk of error is low.

Our recommendation:
Choose our budget professional business translation service if the small risk of a minor inaccuracy or slight inelegance of wording is acceptable.

Note: Our quotes include pricing for both quality options.

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    Meet our Senior Project Managers, Business Translations

    Jane Christie, Business Translation Project Manager
    Jane Christie has a Masters in Translation and a PhD in Spanish & Latin American Studies.

    Jane brings to her role a wealth of translation experience, wide knowledge of academia and a varied and specialised work history.

    Jane has experience handling all types of business translation projects, from the very small through to large publications and complex multi-language projects.

    Her broad experience and ability to assess a project from both a translator’s and an administration perspective ensures client projects will be optimally structured and handled efficiently using best practice processes.

    Liam Wylie has 13 years of project management experience across multiple industries both locally and overseas.

    Part of that experience included coordinating language translations and dubbing for 6 regional channels at Discovery Channel covering 15 languages across Central and Eastern Europe.

    Liam is equally adept at managing processes for both straightforward and complex, multi-faceted business translation projects.

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