Legal Translation Services

Legal texts should always be translated by specialist legal translators, not “general purpose” translators.

This is because without a legal background, generalist translators can struggle to fully comprehend a legal document, or specific sections and/or terminology in it. Although they can research terms and concepts they are unsure of, there is no guarantee they will always arrive at the correct, or most appropriate, translation.
Legal Translation Services
Translators with a legal background will also write in legal style, something that won’t come naturally to generalist translators. Thus a translation by a specialist legal translator is likely to be better worded and more fit for purpose.

Most of our legal translation services into English are completed by qualified lawyers from an English speaking country. For translations into a foreign language, our translators will typically hold a legal qualification from their home country. On other occasions we will use professionally qualified translators with many years experience in the translation of legal texts.

We provide legal translations into and from all our major translation languages.

Our legal translation work encompasses all types of text, including legislation, contracts, court documents, and legal correspondence.

Two quality levels offered for legal translations:

Clients typically choose our quality-assured translation option for legal texts as this is our highest level of translation quality.

This option reflects best practice and complies with all international translation Standards, including translation quality standard EN15038. It features a full review by a second translator after the initial translation, and collaboration between translator and reviewer to arrive at final wording.

A more economic, and generally faster, alternative would be a budget professional translation. This does not include a second translator review and thus carries a small risk of translator error, so is more suited to non-critical documents.

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