Interpreter Services

Pacific International Translations provides interpreter services in all major Asian, Pasifika and European languages. Assignments cover a broad range of settings, including:Translator & Interpeter Services
- business meetings, negotiations
- overseas client visits
- interviews
- court cases
- community settings
- telephone interpreting

We can provide interpreters anywhere in greater Auckland, and in several other centres throughout New Zealand.

We also offer telephone interpreting services where appropriate.

All our interpreters have undergone specific interpreting training in New Zealand or overseas. They also have several years interpreting experience. Most are well known and respected in their local communities.

As part of their training, our interpreters have been schooled in the ethics of our profession and business ethics in general. They adhere to the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct of the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters (NZSTI).

Among other matters, these codes prescribe expected standards of competence, confidentiality, impartiality and professional conduct.

Our administration staff have several years experience in the provision of interpreter services and managing interpreting assignments of all types.  They know what questions to ask to ensure the most suitable interpreters are allocated for any given assignment. Their focus is on ensuring our clients obtain the outcome they expect.

How to book an interpreter

Option 1: E-mail us the following:

  • when and where the interpreting is needed
  • the language(s) or dialect(s) required
  • what the assignment will involve, and its expected duration
  • your contact details, including a phone number

We'll phone you if we need to clarify anything. Otherwise we'll book the interpreter(s) from the information you provide and e-mail you confirmation. Our e-mail will include details of our charges for the assignment.

Option 2: Phone us to discuss. In just a few minutes we can record all the information we need about the assignment, confirm pricing, and answer any queries you might have. We'll then book an interpreter, and e-mail you confirmation.

Need a written translation? We also provide business translation services and the translation of personal documents, including the translation of birth, marriage & death certificates in over 80 languages.

Meet our interpreting Project Managers

Denise Ruwhiu - Interpreter Services
Denise Ruwhiu administers interpreting assignments of all types. This is in addition to her other role as Project Manager of our personal document translation work.

Denise has 6 years experience in the administration of our interpreter services. She is very familiar with client needs across a wide range of interpreting settings, and has the required knowledge to ensure successful interpreting outcomes.

Jane Christie - Interpreter Services
Jane Christie handles both translation and interpreting projects for our business and corporate clients.

Business interpreting assignments typically involve meetings, interviews, presentations and visitor liaison.

Jane is adept at matching interpreter skills with the specific needs of individual assignments to ensure seamless communication between the parties.

The key to a successful interpreting assignment

For any interpreting assignment to run smoothly, it is important we fully understand exactly what that assignment will involve. Not just the location, duration, purpose and subject matter, but how the interpreter is to be used, and particularly whether there will be any specialised technical matters needing interpretation.

The better we understand what the assignment involves, the easier it is to select the most suitable interpreter. We can also more readily identify any aspects that might pose difficulties, and areas where the interpreter will need to prepare. For example, interpreters sometimes need to familiarise themselves with the subject area for discussion, brush up on specialist vocabulary, or do some background reading, etc.

Our interpreter services charges

Per hour: $90
Minimum charge: $160

Assignments may also incur parking and mileage costs, and for travel outside main centres a travel charge of $50 per hour.

Telephone interpreting:

Per 15 minutes: $30
Minimum charge: $80

Rates stated are subject to GST.