Japanese Translation

Japanese translation can sometimes have its challenges when dealing with certain subjects and concepts. This is due to the different world views, traditions and societal structure of Japanese and Western culture.

Nevertheless this is relatively rare. Most texts can be comfortably handled by experienced Japanese-English language translators.
Japanese flag

Japanese fonts have long been available with Windows and Mac operating systems. English to Japanese translation work can thus be supplied in any Microsoft Office program.

In these programs our Japanese translator will typically over-type the English text in the client’s file with using Japanese fonts of similar appearance to the English fonts. This retains the same, or very similar, formatting as the original.

However many Japanese translation projects also require typesetting the Japanese text in a graphic design program.

We provide a comprehensive range of Japanese translation services, including:

All our Japanese translations can be supplied as either quality-assured translations or for non-critical documents as a more economical budget professional translation.

As would be expected from a long-established translation company in the Asia-Pacific region, we also provide Japanese certified translation services.

Our Japanese to English translation service also encompasses documents and files of all types and subject areas.

An example of our Japanese translation and typesetting work:

 Japanese translation & typesetting

Did you know?

  • Japanese adopted Chinese characters as its writing system in the 3rd century A.D.
  • Japanese is written with a combination of kanji (Chinese characters) and much simpler kana characters representing specific sounds.
  • Words in the Latin alphabet can also be used, particularly for foreign names.

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Japanese Translation plus Typesetting

An increasing number of design programs can now take Japanese fonts. This means for most of our work our typesetters will work directly in our client’s English design file. To avoid potential font issues, finalised artwork will typically be supplied with the Japanese text outlined.

Where the required program cannot handle Japanese fonts, eps files created in Illustrator are used.

An English to Japanese translation will often take up more space than the initial English text. This will sometimes require adjustments to fit the text into the available space. Japanese text can run either vertically or horizontally, with horizontal text now being most common.

Good design and attractive layout is highly valued by the Japanese. Typesetters must therefore take great care to observe Japanese layout conventions and create a visually pleasing result. This includes using fonts appropriate for the tenor of the artwork.

See our separate page for information on our typesetting processes, capabilities and quality control measures relating to Japanese typesetting.

Other Asian Languages Translated

Chinese is our single largest Asian language by volume, with particular demand to translate English to Mandarin (Simplified Chinese). We handle a large volume of Chinese translation projects into both Simplified and Traditional Chinese (Cantonese).

We also do a large number of English to Thai translation and English to Korean translation projects, with somewhat smaller volumes into English from these languages.