Tongan Translation

Tongan translation is generally uncomplicated. This applies to both English to Tongan translation, and when translating in the opposite direction.

In common with other Pasifika languages, translators working from English to Tongan must take care when dealing with some subject areas. Some topics are typically not openly discussed in Tongan culture but dealt with more freely in Western culture.

Our experienced Tongan translators are used to translating such materials and have developed strategies to avoid insensitivity whilst still conveying all the required information.
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There is a relatively large body of materials already translated into Tongan that translators can reference. However on occasion they will still have to translate terms for which there is no existing or accepted Tongan translation equivalence. Translators generally find this an absorbing and rewarding part of their job.

Tongan is written with the Latin alphabet, plus an inverted apostrophe for its glottal stop and macrons (a horizontal line above a letter) to indicate lengthened vowels. There is a large range of English fonts that have macrons, and Tongan text can be supplied in all file types.

Most of our Tongan translation work is into Tongan, with many of these projects also requiring typesetting in graphic design programs.

Our Tongan to English translation work is of lesser volume.

An example of our Tongan translation and typesetting work:

Tongan translation & typesetting

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Typesetting of Tongan Translations

There are few complications to Tongan typesetting.

Beyond appropriate font selection, generally the only issue is around space. As Tongan texts are routinely some 20% longer than an equivalent English text, space can sometimes be tight and adjustments to layout or formatting required.

Tongan artwork can be supplied in any required format as raw text, or if preferred, outlined to curves.

See our separate page for information on our typesetting processes, capabilities and quality control measures relating to Tongan typesetting.

Tongan Interpreting

Samoan is a significant interpreting language in New Zealand.

Assignments vary widely, and can include interviews, meetings and Court procedures. Our Tongan interpreters are experienced and widely respected for their interpreting abilities.

See our separate page for general information on interpreting, the services we offer and our charges for Tongan interpreting.

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