Thai Translation

Thai translation to or from English doesn’t involve any particular complexity.However there is the standard challenge of sometimes having to express concepts that are somewhat foreign to the other culture.

Several excellent Thai fonts are included with Windows operating systems. Thus a Thai translation can typically be supplied as standard Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents.

However with Thai not having spaces between words, we have found that the word wrap at the end of lines can sometimes display differently on different computers. For this reason clients are also generally provided with a pdf of their translation.

Many projects we complete also involve typesetting our translated Thai text.

We are able to provide a Thai translation of all types of materials and texts.
Two levels of translation quality are offered – our quality-assured translations or our more economical budget professional translation service.

In addition, we provide Certified Translation services.

An example of our Thai translation and typesetting work:

Thai translation and typesetting

Did you know?

  • The Thai script has forty-four consonants, at least twenty-eight vowel forms and four tone marks
  • Thai doesn’t have full stops, capital letters or spaces between words
  • It has 2 levels of upper diacritics (accent marks above a letter) and one lower level (below a letter)
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Typesetting Thai text

There are a number of specific issues involved in typesetting a Thai translation.

The first issue is that most graphic design programs simply cannot correctly handle Thai fonts. An even the few that do often have font display problems. This typically involves the incorrect display of the two levels of superscripted diacritics.

The second major issue with Thai typesetting is word wrap. Thai only has a space at the end of a sentence and not between words. However line ends must wrap at the end of a word, not mid-word. Depending on the typesetting methodology and program used, this may have to be done manually.

Often there are also issues with space in typesetting Thai. Because it has two levels of superscripted and one level of subscripted diacritics, a line of Thai text takes up considerable vertical space. This requires greater leading and allows fewer lines of text in a text box than is possible in other languages.

There are solutions to all these issues. However Thai typesetting will generally involve more time and needs specific expertise and a greater level of care than typesetting in most other languages.

For InDesign and Illustrator, Thai artwork is normally supplied with text outlined, and for other applications as eps files placed in the design file.

See our separate page for information on our typesetting processes, capabilities and quality control measures relating to Thai typesetting.

Other Asian Languages Translated

Chinese is our single largest Asian language by volume, with particular demand to translate English to Mandarin (Simplified Chinese). We handle a large volume of Chinese translation projects into both Simplified and Traditional Chinese (Cantonese).

We also do a large number of English to Japanese translation and English to Korean translation projects, with somewhat smaller volumes into English from these languages.