Why Use Us ?

Why use us to translate your material?

The quality of our translations

blue tickClients typically come to us because of our focus on quality. They value knowing we care about quality and that our translations will be of a consistently high standard - accurate reflections of the source text and worded in a way that is natural and elegant in the target language.

We translate to a high professional level in all our translation languages because we use the best translator personnel we can (we select our translators based on the quality of their work, not because they’re the fastest or cheapest!), follow recognised best practice translation processes, and have strict quality control measures.

See How we guarantee quality for more information.

Our customer service

We actively seek feedback on our translations and service from our clients. Clients are asked to rate their degree of satisfaction with us, and provide any comments they wish.

Feedback continues to be overwhelmingly positive, with many clients stressing our quick response times and our flexibility to adapt when project parameters change. We have numerous long-standing customers who are delighted with our service.

Competitive pricing

Our translation charges are very reasonable. We offer two levels of translation, the most popular being our quality-assured translations which follow recognised translation best practice and include a second translator review. These translations comply with international Standards, including translation Quality Standard EN15038.

Our budget professional translation service is a cheaper option not involving a second translator review, and represents excellent value for money.

Some recent client feedback

“Really appreciate how available you are, and quick. Sometimes we are under a lot of pressure and you just go the extra mile which makes the difference to us”.
“You make it so easy.”
“I’m really impressed with your service and will recommend you in future.”
“Excellent communication from your company.”