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Proven resources to help freelance translators prosper in business: how-to tips, checklists, templates and infographics.
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The ideal CV (infographic)
Your Cover letter (infographic)
Your website (checklist)
Getting work from agencies (summary)
Handling translation feedback
Translation quote templates
Translation quotes (checklist)
Translation invoice templates
Translation invoices (checklist)

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A. Tips on marketing your translator services

Freelance translator cv infographic

How to write the perfect freelance translator CV for targeting agencies: Infographic
The 10 essentials your CV needs to appeal to agencies.
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freelance translator website checklist

Creating an ideal freelance translator website: Checklist
How to build credibility through the right content, design and style.
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Getting translation jobs summary

How to get more freelance translation work from agencies: Summary pdf
13 superb strategies/tips with specific how-to steps.
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Crafting the ideal translator cover letter: Infographic
Keeping it simple - the 5 key things you need to get right.
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B. Financial/money tips for translators

translation quote template example

Translation quote templates
3 superb translation quote templates, designed by translators, for translators.
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translation quote checklist

Translation quotes: checklist
How to get more of your quotes accepted - the 12 essential elements every quote needs.
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translation invoice template example

Translation invoice templates
3 excellent templates, designed specifically for translators.
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translation invoice checklist

Translation invoices: checklist
The crucial content that will help get your invoice paid on time.
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C. Tips for key business processes

handling translation feedback principles

How to handle negative translation feedback: Summary pdf
7 guiding principles for a professional response that will enhance your reputation.
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13 ways to more freelance translation jobs from agencies
Unique, simple and uber-practical strategies you can implement today.

How to write an effective cover letter for your CV
The 5 requisites for a successful e-mail cover letter. Video

The secrets to crafting successful translation quotes
What to include and how to market your expertise. Video

How to create a translation invoice that will get paid on time
The essential content, proven wording, savvy tips born from experience. Video

Negative translation feedback – what an opportunity!
How to not only maintain your reputation, but actually enhance your standing with the agency.