Translation options

What type of translation do you need?

Our professional translation services include various options for the translation of your materials. Each of these is designed to meet different requirements.

In particular, clients are able to choose between two service levels reflecting different levels of translation quality:
quality-assured translation, and
budget professional translation.

The difference between the two is essentially that quality-assured translations include a full review by a second professional translator, whereas budget professional translations do not. See below for further details.

Any document translated by us can also be provided as a certified translation.

And finally, we also offer two other options where a full translation is not needed or would not be warranted. In a selective translation we translate selected parts of the document only. A summary translation provides an overview or summary of the content of the document.

Each of these options is offered in all of our 80+ working translation languages.

If you’re unsure which translation type would best suit your project, call us and we’ll advise on the most appropriate option.

Two levels of translation quality

Quality Assured Translation

Quality Assured Translations

Our quality-assured translation service provides the highest level of quality possible. It is the service most commonly chosen by our clients. The translation processes followed reflect best practice in our industry. They also fully comply with the requirements of international Standards, including Translation Quality Standard EN15038.

Our quality-assured translations comprise the following steps:

- Initial translation by an experienced, tertiary qualified professional translator
- Full second-translator review
- Finalisation of translation wording by agreement between translator and reviewer
- Final Project Manager checks

The second translator review is key to ensuring no mistakes slip through and achieving a top quality translation. However the review needs to be correctly structured and carried out thoroughly. If not it can be ineffective. See our blog for details and guidelines for conducting a translation review process.

This translation option is suitable for all purposes. It is particularly recommended for business-critical documents where accuracy and quality of expression can’t be compromised.

Budget Professional Translation

This translation type is fit for most purposes.

The translators we use are experienced professionals. They hold tertiary qualifications in translation and/or industry accreditation (such as NAATI, IoL, ATA etc). They also have several years’ translation experience, and most importantly, have a proven track record of quality work for us. As such, they consistently produce translations of high professional standard.

Our budget professional translation service comprises the following steps:

- translation by an experienced, tertiary-qualified professional translator
- final Project Manager safety check
Budget professional translation
What is not included in this process is a second translator review, considered best practice and recommended as an additional quality control procedure.

It must be accepted that because translators are human, mistakes can happen. Thus even though we use professional translators of high standing, our budget professional translations carry a small risk of inadvertent inaccuracy or omission (human error) by the translator, which would otherwise be picked up by a second translator review.

For the translation of business-critical documents where the small risk of inaccuracy should be avoided, we recommend our quality-assured translations, which include the additional quality control step.

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Here is a quick comparison of these two translation type options:
FeatureBudget professional translationQuality-assured translation
Translation by experienced professional translator:YESYES
Second translator review:NOYES
Project Manager safety check:YESYES
Quality level:Small risk of translator errorHighest level of translation quality
Best suited for:Non-critical documentsFit for all purposes
Cost:Lowest costHigher cost

Other translation options

Certified Translation

Pacific International Translations provides certified translation services for both business and personal documents in all our 80+ translation languages.

For certified translations of personal documents, see separate page:

Certified business translations

We are able to certify the translation of any business document we translate. Business clients often request a certified translation to comply with regulatory requirements. Typically the certification would be provided on our letterhead with a declaration of translation accuracy, signature and date. The certification can be supplied as a pdf or hard copy.

There is flexibility around both the layout and wording of the certification. Thus clients’ precise needs can be met.

Where required, and particularly for use in the Courts, a translator’s certificate or sworn affidavit can also be provided.

Selective Translation

In a selective translation we translate only selected parts or content of a document. This might involve the translation of tables of contents, lead paragraphs, abstracts, conclusions etc., or alternatively of key sections of interest to our client.

Selective translations are particularly useful for:

- extracting only certain relevant information from a document
- finding out the subject matter or general content of a document.

selective translation - insurance claim formThe advantages of a selective translation are cost savings and faster turnarounds.

In some circumstances a summary translation may be a better option - see below.

Summary Translation

Sometimes a client will know that a foreign language document is relevant and would like to know what it says in general terms without the detail.

An option in this case would be a summary translation, where our translator provides a succinct overview of the document’s content and conclusions. This is not strictly a translation as such but rather a summary, although the summary may include the direct translation of key paragraphs, sections or conclusions.

Where appropriate, a summary translation can be a very cost effective option.

However this type of translation isn’t very common, and some translators find them challenging. Because translators are trained to reproduce every detail, they can struggle with what to include and what to omit. The result can be a too detailed summary, so we are careful to use only certain proven translators for summary translations.