Insurance Translation

We have many years experience in providing insurance translation services to insurance companies, brokers, investigators and individuals.
Typical insurance translation work for insurers includes proposal and claim forms, policy wording, and marketing materials. Materials are often translated into a number of languages, and many projects involve multilingual typesetting by our in-house typesetters.

We also work with a number of insurance investigators. This work can involve a wide range of requirements. Often we will be asked to phone abroad to check on the veracity of documents or obtain further information. Other times we will translate documents or relevant parts of them. We have the flexibility, experience and expertise to meet any needs in this field.

In addition, we have many years experience translating documents submitted in support of insurance claims.

Insurance translation - claim documents

Insurance Translation - claim documents

We carry out claim-related insurance translation work for both individuals, and insurers and their investigators.

Any claim document can always be translated in full. However clients frequently opt instead for our selective translation service for these documents.

Claim related documents often contain considerable administrative detail not of direct relevance to the insurer. This is particularly so for police and medical reports. We have therefore developed a selective insurance translation service for these documents, in consultation with our insurance company clients. Essentially this involves identifying and translating just the relevant parts of the document. Typically this will be just those sections dealing with the circumstances of the loss or medical condition.

Where acceptable to the insurer, these selective translations provide a marked cost saving over a full translation and represent maximum value for money. Clients pay only for the information needed.

Our selective insurance translation process involves these three steps:

- Initial selective translation by an experienced translator
- Review and editing by our in-house editor
- Final Project Manager checks

This process has proven effective over many years in ensuring our selective insurance translations are accurate, well worded and the appropriate content has been translated.

All our insurance translation services are offered in over 80 translation languages. We can also provide any document as a certified translation if required.

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