Technical Translation Services

Technical translation is a specialist field. This is because technical texts are often aimed at the specialist, not the lay person. In this case, specialised industry knowledge will be needed to fully comprehend the text.

 Technical Translation ServicesA translator must always fully understand a text if he/she is to translate it correctly. Thus translators also need this same specialist knowledge to correctly translate this type of technical text.

Without it they might quite possibly mistranslate certain terms, and are likely to use wording that isn’t exactly what the technical expert would use. Their translations may also not have quite the correct technical style.

Thus when we translate technical documents we typically use a specialist technical translator.

This is particularly true in the following fields:

  • engineering texts
  • scientific papers
  • legal translation
  • medical documents
  • financial texts

However some technical document translation won’t necessarily require a specialist technical translator. For example, some texts are largely non-technical but contain some technical references. If these terms can be readily researched on the Internet, a non-specialist translator may be able to successfully translate the text.

The same applies to technical texts in fields that a non-expert can generally understand. Example fields might be the social sciences, zoology, and certain mechanical engineering texts.

Our blog with guidelines for the types of texts needing a technical translation expert gives further information.

Our technical translation services

We have a large pool of technical translators available for all types of technical translation work. This includes industrial and technical experts across a wide range of fields.

We translate technical documents into and from all our main translation languages.

Two levels of quality are available for our technical translations:

Quality-assured technical translation

  • Our highest level of quality
  • Includes a second translator review
  • Recommended when 100% accuracy and excellent quality of expression is required.

Budget professional technical translations

  • Also completed by an experienced, tertiary qualified professional translator
  • But no second translator review process
  • Designed for non-critical business documents.

Typesetting of technical translations

Translations of technical texts often need to be typeset in graphic design programs. We recommend clients use us to typeset their translations. This is firstly because mistakes can easily be made if the typesetter isn’t familiar firstly with the language. Secondly, an understanding of the specific formatting and font usage conventions followed in that culture is needed.

We have over 20 years foreign language typesetting and artwork experience. We are able to provide translated texts in any program and format required in all our 80+ translation languages.

Our experience ensures clients’ materials will be typeset to professional standard, are error free, and will generate a positive visual impact on the target reader.

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An example of a technical document translation:

technical document translation

Technical translations can include data sheets, packaging and labels, manuals and brochures.