Brochure Translation

Particular care needs to be taken in brochure translation, and in translating marketing materials in general.

These project an image of the company and are an important sales tool. Thus it's vital translated versions convey the correct message and generate the desired impact on the foreign language reader.

Marketing materials are often a combination of general description, promotional text and technical detail.

For that you need translators who are skilled writers across different styles. They must be practised at blending factual description with punchy marketing text. And they must be equally competent in handling any technical content.

Unfortunately, not all translators are good writers across different styles. Many struggle to produce effective and well worded marketing copy where a freer, less literal approach and an excellent turn of phrase are needed.

Selecting the right person to translate your text is thus a key consideration.

Brochure translation services

We will ensure your brochure translation is completed to a high standard.

We have excellent translator personnel, experienced at translating marketing and promotional texts. They have professional translation qualifications and a proven track record of producing high quality work for us.

For brochures and marketing materials we provide quality-assured translations. Our translation process involves an initial translation by an experienced and professionally qualified translator, followed by a full review by a second translator. Then translator and reviewer then collaborate to reach an agreed final wording.

This produces our highest level of translation quality. It ensures the translation is accurate and the wording used will be effective from a marketing perspective.

We translate brochures and promotional materials into and from over 80 translation languages.

The Importance of Good Presentation

A key consideration in brochure translation is obviously ensuring the translation is of high quality.

Just as important though is ensuring the document is visually appealing to the target audience. A brochure that is poorly laid out or uses fonts that convey the wrong message is unlikely to instill confidence in the company or its products.

Whilst some marketing materials and brochures are produced in Word or PowerPoint, most are created in graphic design files.

We suggest clients use us to typeset translated texts in these programs. This is because foreign language typesetting is a specialised field with several pitfalls for the unwary. It’s not just a matter of knowing standard typesetting techniques - an understanding of layout conventions, design aesthetics and appropriate font usage in the target language(s) is also paramount.

Pacific International Translations has over 20 years foreign language typesetting and artwork experience.

Our typeset brochures are error free, project the right image, and are aesthetically pleasing to the target audience.

Examples of our brochure translation and typesetting work:

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