Translation Services

Our translation services are the core of our business and are offered in more than 80 languages. These range from the world’s great languages to those many people may not have heard of.

Document translation services are provided in all these languages, with options of various different translation types. These have been fashioned to ensure we precisely meet client needs.

translation servicesWe provide business translation services to companies and corporations across all sectors, and to numerous government departments and organizations.

We also handle many specialized translation projects. Examples are technical and legal work, audio recordings, and voice-over scripts.

Individuals needing to translate personal documents are catered for by means of our comprehensive certified translation services.

Our expertise in the specialized area of multilingual typesetting and desktop publishing is second to none. This has been gained over 20 years, a period that has witnessed huge changes in the graphic design industry and in typesetting methods and capabilities.

Several other language-related services are offered, including a comprehensive interpreting service and provision of foreign language voice-over talent.

Types of translation provided

Most clients need their documents or materials translated in full, for which we have two options.

One reflects the highest possible level of quality and is ideal for essential documents where full quality assurance processes are required. The other has a slightly lesser level of review and quality control, so is designed as a more economical option for non-essential documents.

We call these:
- Quality-Assured translation, and
- Budget Professional translation.

In addition, any document can be provided as a certified translation. Typically this will be on our letterhead, signed and dated. This is common for personal documents, but equally available when translating business documents.

Where a document does not need to be translated in full, we offer two alternatives:
- a selective translation, and
- a summary translation.

For further information on each of these and when we recommend their use, see our types of translation services page.

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Some recent client feedback on our translation services:

“Your company is great to deal with. The quick response and customer service is second to none”.
“Terrific service! Extremely professional and the turnaround is always on time, if not earlier than expected. Would happily recommend to others. Many thanks!”
“I just want to pass on my thanks to the team for another fantastic job”.
“I found the service very responsive, personable and efficient”.

Business translation services

We provide a comprehensive range of translation services to businesses and organizations. We are able to handle:document folders
- most subject matter, including technical and legal
- file types of all kinds
- over 80 languages.

Our work for businesses commonly includes:
- marketing materials
- correspondence
- contracts and legal documentation
- technical reports.

Also significant are our website translation services where we frequently work directly with the webmaster or designer to achieve their desired result.

Specialized translation

Many projects we complete require specific expertise, or involve processes we have developed and fine-tuned over many years.

Our technical translation services for example typically require translators with sound technical knowledge in the relevant subject area. This is particularly so in the sciences, engineering and medicine.

Similarly, our legal translation services require knowledge of the law. And patent translation is another specialized field where specific expertise is needed.

The common theme here is that a translator will generally need a background in the technical area to:
- completely understand the original text
- correctly handle technical terminology
- write in the appropriate style for that industry or field.

In several areas we use our own distinctive methodology and processes, developed over time to ensure best quality results. Examples are when we translate:
- speech contained in audio and video recordings
- scripts for voice-overs.

Similar is our translating of insurance claim documents. Here our experience over the years has led to a process where only information directly relevant to the insurer is translated.