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Learn Spanish - Lessons in Auckland

¡Hola amigos! Welcome to the world of spoken Spanish!

Our Spanish courses are provided under our trading name Flamingo Language Services, a division of Pacific International Translations, in our Auckland offices.

Spanish Classes are held on a regular basis throughout the year, generally at night but also during the day. We have classes for all levels from Beginners through to Advanced (conversational).

We generally recommend an initial 30 hour course for beginners or near beginners, as this is substantial enough for significant achievement in the language, without being an excessive commitment. However we can structure longer or shorter courses if preferred.

Our philosophy

Banish boredom. In our classes you’ll be kept on your toes with a whole range of activities. Activities that are stimulating, often dramatic, generally amusing, always active.

Learning is supposed to be fun. If you don’t enjoy our classes, really enjoy them, then we’ve failed. Because we all learn best when we’re really interested in what we’re doing. No routine repetition, no heavy mental drudgery, but plenty of real-life situations, active dialogues, and practical conversations.

We want you to SPEAK. Our emphasis is heavily on conversation. Practical language for every day situations. You’ll be speaking Spanish right from the word go.

Cancel the crowd. You don’t learn to speak buried in a crowd vying for your tutor’s attention. Our groups are small, generally from 4 to 6 estudiantes, so you’re not a passive passenger along for the ride. You get involved.

Learn Spanish - Lessons in Auckland

Fast Contact Details

Phone: (64 9) 913 5294
E-mail: flamingo@pactranz.com
Fax: (64 9) 913 5291
Location: Level 4, 203 Queen Street, City Fitness Building, Auckland 1010

Flamingo Language Services is a trading division of Pacific International Translations (NZ) Ltd.

Your tutor

Learn Spanish with Carmen
Hi, I’m Carmen Luz Santibañez Mangelsdorff (but you can call me Carmen). I’m the director of Flamingo Language Services and teach most of our Spanish courses. I am a teacher by profession, with a Profesora del Estado degree from the University of Chile, Santiago, and many years experience teaching both English and Spanish.

I love teaching Spanish and seeing my students progress. We’ve put a lot of effort into making our courses the most effective and stimulating Spanish classes available in Auckland. If you want to really learn Spanish, and be stimulated at the same time, come and join the fun.

For further information,

contact Carmen

on (09) 913 5294

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