Multilingual Typesetting

Pacific International Translations has over 20 years experience in multilingual typesetting and desktop publishing services and is a leader in the field.

This experience and our accumulated multilingual dtp know-how allows us to avoid the many pitfalls in working with foreign text in graphic programs and ensures we produce professional quality artwork to an existing or new design, first time, every time.

Our services in a nutshell:

  • Professional typesetting of foreign language text in virtually any language by experienced foreign language typesetters
  • Huge range of foreign language software and fonts
  • Output to any format required
  • Proven QA processes to ensure professional quality artwork
Typically we typeset text that we have translated as part of our business translation services. However we are also happy to typeset client texts we have not translated.

We provide professional typesetting services in all our working translation languages. We process a large volume of Chinese typesetting in particular, in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. We also typeset Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese in considerable volume.

We have considerable experience in Arabic typesetting, along with other right to left languages. Arabic typesetting does require special expertise, including knowing when to reverse design elements for optimal effect.

See our individual language pages for specific information on typesetting considerations in all our main languages. And for an overview of the language groups that are straightforward to typeset and those that require specific expertise and need to be handled by experts, see our multilingual dtp blog.

Our Multilingual Typesetting Capabilities and Methodology

We have full multilingual dtp capability on Mac and PC and work extensively with InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Quark. We also have most other graphic design/DTP programs.

The latest English versions of the major design programs can now handle fonts of certain script and character based languages, most notably Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Thus for most projects we can use the original English design file and paste in the translated text to replace the English text, then format as required. The foreign text can then be outlined to curves if required.

Where a program cannot directly take the fonts of a particular language, typesetting is normally completed in Illustrator or InDesign. When completed it is then placed back in the original design file as curved EPS files.

Our Multilingual Typesetting Quality Control Processes

We guarantee the quality of our multilingual typesetting services. That is, we guarantee that all text will be in the correct place, font usage will be appropriate, and our layout will follow accepted conventions for the languages involved.

This ensures that the final result will be pleasing to the eye in the target market(s).

Our quality control processes involve:
- typesetting by an experienced foreign language typesetter
- print out and systematic hard copy check
- second check by Project Manager or a staff translator
- original translator signoff if required.
This process has proven very successful over many years in ensuring our artwork is always of high professional standard.

Multi-Language Typesetting

Pacific International Translations also has considerable experience in larger multi-language typesetting projects.

The added challenge here is to ensure a consistent design and feel is provided across the various languages.

This will typically involve the coordination of Asian and European font styles, point sizes, leading, etc.

Meet our senior staff typesetter, Christine Wong

Christine typesets text in all our translation languages on both Mac and PC in all commonly used graphic design programs.

With a background in finance and administration, Christine brings an attention to detail and commitment to accuracy to her multilingual typesetting projects.

Born in Hong Kong and having worked with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Christine has had a lifetime of engagement with multiple cultures and languages. She speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin, and has a tertiary qualification in interpreting.

She has particular expertise in typesetting Chinese text, and that of Asian languages in general. Her instinctive feel for font selection and understanding of layout conventions and design aesthetics in these languages is invaluable.

Christine is also an experienced English - Chinese translator. She fits in Chinese translation and review work around her multilingual typesetting as time allows.

Some examples of our multilingual typesetting:

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Some client feedback on recent typesetting projects:

"I have utilised your translation options while working at three previous design studios and have always been very happy with all aspects of your services."
“You have been so helpful and quick for such a rushed project.”
“The team was extremely flexible and made suggestions for how to best lay out our materials.”
"A massive thank you to the team for the fabulous work, especially working with such tight deadlines!”


If you want to typeset the text yourself

Clients who opt to typeset foreign language text themselves sometimes produce artwork containing text errors, or fonts or layout that is simply not appealing to the target reader.

This makes sense – if you don’t know the language, how can you be sure all the text is correctly displayed? And if you don’t know the design and layout conventions for that culture, or which fonts are appropriate for that design style, it’s hardly surprising if the result can look less than ideal.

For optimal impact with your artwork, we suggest you make use of our professional typesetting services. We know what artwork should look like in all our 80+ languages, and have the software, fonts and know-how to achieve that.


Multilingual typesetting charges

Typesetting charges vary depending on design/layout, language(s) and program/file type(s).

Each project needs to be individually priced.

For a quote, e-mail us a pdf of your English artwork, or use our translation quote form.

Guideline: our hourly rate is $70 - $95 + GST, depending on project size. Per page charges are typically $15 - $30 + GST.

Please contact us for any queries on our multilingual typesetting services, or any aspect of multilingual desktop publishing in general.

Feel free to phone us on 0508 872 675 or (09) 913 5290, e-mail us, or use our Chat option.