Other Language Services

In addition to our translation services, we also provide a number of other specialized foreign language services. These include the following.

Multilingual typesetting

Closely associated with our translation work is our multilingual typesetting and DTP service. Typically we will typeset foreign language texts that we have first translated from an English source text. However we also typeset texts provided by our clients.
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Multilingual typesetting requires specific knowledge and know-how. Essentially you need to know how text is supposed to look in any given language, and how to generate that. This includes knowledge of appropriate design and layout conventions in that language, and which fonts to use. Language-specific typesetting techniques and work arounds are also required.

We have over 20 years professional desktop publishing experience, and typeset texts in all our 80+ translation languages. We have particular expertise in Arabic typesetting. This requires specific know-how due to the complexities around Arabic text running from right to left (the opposite direction to English). With a Chinese speaking in-house staff typesetter, we also complete a large number of Chinese typesetting projects.

Interpreter Services

We provide a full range of interpreting services in all main European, Asian and Pacific languages. All our interpreter personnel have taken specific interpreter training courses to develop their skills, and have sound experience.

Assignments cover a broad variety of needs, anything from a business meeting to an interview or Court proceeding. Clients include business clients and Government Departments and agencies.

Voice-over projects

Our voice over service is another specialized area in the language services field. This involves the translation of an English video or audio script for subsequent voicing in a foreign language. These translations are different for two reasons. Firstly, a script translation must be couched in spoken language, not formal written style. Secondly, the initial translation will generally be too long so will need to be reduced to match the length of the English script.

Our script translation service is provided in all major languages. We are also able to provide the voice talent to read translated scripts in most main languages.

A related area of our language services is foreign language subtitles, where we have expertise in several languages.

Language courses

We also provide selected foreign language classes. These are offered under our trading name Flamingo Language Services. We have helped thousands of individuals learn a language over many years.

Tour guide services

Another specialised area of our language services is the provision of tour guide personnel to clients, primarily to in-bound tour operators. Generally these are bilingual tour guides providing commentaries on tours involving speakers of another language.

Occasionally a multilingual guide will be required for commentary in more than one foreign language.

Please contact us to discuss any of these specialised language services.

Typesetting is ...

Typesetting is the formatting of text in graphic design programs.

Common programs are InDesign, Illustrator and QuarkXPress.

Multilingual typesetting refers to typesetting foreign language text and scripts.

Interpreting is ...

In our industry “translation” deals with written documents and “interpreting” with spoken language.

The translator creates a written text and the interpreter verbalizes in one language what is said in another language.