Samoan Translation

Most of our Samoan translation work involves the English to Samoan translation of material destined for the local community in New Zealand and Australia.

As with all Polynesian languages, there are subject matters that English will deal with in an open and direct fashion where Samoan convention would favour a text that is much more circumspect. A Samoan translator will come up against this issue often, for example in the translation of material relating to health or intimacy issues.

The goal is a Samoan translation that is both sensitive to Samoan norms whilst still conveying the essential message of the English and all the intended information.

Producing an accurate and culturally appropriate English to Samoan translation is therefore not without challenge. Experience and excellent writing skills are required.

On occasion our Samoan translator team will also have to coin a translation for a term that has not been previously translated.

The Samoan alphabet comprises 14 letters, plus macrons (lines over vowels to indicate they are long) and a reversed apostrophe for the glottal stop. Samoan translations can be provided in any file type using any English font that contains macrons in its character set.

An example of our Samoan translation and typesetting work:

Samoan translation & typesetting

The Samoan alphabet comprises

  • 14 letters
  • plus macrons (lines over vowels to indicate they are long)
  • a reversed apostrophe for the glottal stop

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Samoan Translation with Typesetting

Samoan texts are typically longer than the English texts they are a translation of. Thus techniques need to be employed to fit translated text into the space available where this is limited. This is demonstrated in the example above.

Beyond this Samoan typesetting is routine.

Any English font that has macrons can be used for typesetting Samoan, so artwork can be provided as raw text if required.

See our separate page for information on our typesetting processes, capabilities and quality control measures relating to Samoan typesetting.

Samoan Interpreting

Samoan is one of our main interpreting languages. Samoan interpreters are required across a wide range of settings – anything from an interview or meeting, to a court case.

We have a strong pool of skilled and experienced Samoan interpreters able to work in all required settings.

See our separate page for general information on interpreting, the services we offer and our charges for Samoan interpreting.

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