Portuguese Translators

Portuguese language translation seldom generates any particular obstacles to the professional Portuguese translator.

This is true in both directions – to translate Portuguese to English or in English to Portuguese translation.

Portuguese is an official language in Portugal, Brazil, several countries in Africa, Timor-Leste (East Timor) and Macau.

Portuguese flagUnsurprisingly there are differences in vocabulary between countries, most notably between Brazil and the other countries.

Historically, written Portuguese in Brazil has differed in certain respects from that of Portugal, mainly relating to spelling and the use of accents.

However a common standard has now been adopted and, in theory at least, implemented in all countries.
Brazilian flag
When translating into Portuguese we tend to consider Brazilian Portuguese a separate language due to its different vocabulary, and always ensure our Portuguese translator is from Brazil. For other countries a standard European Portuguese version can be used.

A full-service translation agency, we offer quality-assured translating and budget professional translations into and from Portuguese.

We translate documents of all types of texts, including legal translation services.

An example of our Portuguese translation and typesetting work:

Portuguese translator & typesetting

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Portuguese Typesetting

Portuguese can be readily typeset in all major graphic design programs.

Most English fonts contain the extended character sets that include the accented letters used in Portuguese. This means that when we are working with an existing English graphic design file, the same fonts can almost always be used for the Portuguese text.

There are no real typesetting issues involved for a skilled Portuguese typesetter. Occasionally there may be space constraints due to Portuguese translations generally being somewhat longer than the original English text. And hyphenation, if used, must of course follow Portuguese and not English rules.

See our separate page for information on our typesetting processes, capabilities and quality control measures relating to Portuguese typesetting.

Other Major European Languages Translated

Spanish is our main European language by volume, with a large number of projects requiring English to Spanish translation. Demand to translate English to French documents is also high, as is translation from both these languages into English.

Italian to English translation has reasonable volume, and we frequently translate English to German.