Maori Translation

Our Maori translation work is carried out by our trained, highly skilled and experienced Maori translator team. They handle all types of text across a wide range of subjects.

The translation of terms and concepts present in one culture, but lacking direct equivalence in the other, is always a challenge. An excellent example of this is to be found in our Treaty of Waitangi with the issues around the translating into Maori of the English concept of sovereignty.
Maori sovereignty flag
A Maori translator working on an English to Maori translation encounters such issues frequently. As a result, coining new Maori terms for English concepts has always been part of their job.

Today though, there is a vast amount of English material that has been translated into Maori, and excellent dictionaries and reference materials.

In addition, the Maori Language Commission is an invaluable resource that translators can refer to. As such there are now standard translations for most of the terms that might previously have caused translation headaches.

Maori is written using the Latin script with the use of a macron – the horizontal line over a vowel to indicate length. Standard Windows and Unicode fonts include the macron, so translations can be produced in any program and file type.

Most of our Maori translation projects are from English into Maori, with a much lesser volume of Maori to English translation work. Often translations into Maori will also need to be typeset.

An example of our Maori translation and typesetting work:

Maori translation & typesetting

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Maori Translation with Typesetting

A Maori translation is straightforward to typeset.

The only issues are ensuring macrons display correctly (appropriate fonts are used) and when working with an existing English design, fitting the Maori text into the available space.

This is relevant because an English to Maori  translation is often noticeably longer than the original English text.

See our separate page for information on our typesetting processes, capabilities and quality control measures relating to Maori typesetting.

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