Korean Translations

Korean translation is usually relatively straightforward for most types of text.

Of course there are important differences between Korean and Western cultures and traditions, which can make the translation of certain texts and concepts a challenge.

However our Korean – English language translators have sound training and are very experienced. They know the approaches and methodologies needed to overcome any such complications.

For English to Korean translation, English company and personal names will generally be transliterated. That is, the approximate sounds of the English name are kept and reproduced in Korean characters.
Korean flag
Korean is written using the Korean alphabet, called Hangul, with occasional Chinese characters.

A few Korean fonts are available in Windows operating systems. Thus an English to Korean translation not requiring typesetting will generally be supplied in the same program and format as the original English text.

This is often a Word file, in which case our Korean translator will simply overtype the English text using a standard Korean font.

Nevertheless, many of our Korean translation projects do also involve typesetting the translated text.

As an experienced Korean translation company, we can process all types of documents, materials, and audio and video files.

We translate documents with two levels of quality assurance – either our quality-assured translations or our more economical budget professional translations.

We also provide a comprehensive Korean to English translation service for all document types.

An example of our Korean translation and typesetting work:

Korean Translation & Typesetting

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Korean Translation plus Typesetting

Several major graphic design programs can now correctly display Korean text. These include InDesign, Quark and Illustrator.

With these programs the Korean text is typeset directly into the application file and when finalised, outlined to curves for delivery to the client.

Raw text files can be provided, but clients generally want to avoid having to install fonts and prefer to eliminate any risk of subsequent font issues.

In order to produce professional quality typesetting of Korean text, an appreciation of Korean design aesthetics and a knowledge of which fonts to use and when is required.

Beyond this, there are few issues for the experienced Korean typesetter.

However issues with space can sometimes occur, as a Korean translation is often longer than the English source text. Text cannot be set at very small point sizes as it will become difficult to clearly distinguish individual characters.

See our separate page for information on our typesetting processes, capabilities and quality control measures relating to Korean typesetting.

Other Asian Languages Translated

Chinese is our single largest Asian language by volume, with particular demand to translate English to Mandarin (Simplified Chinese). We handle a large volume of Chinese translation projects into both Simplified and Traditional Chinese (Cantonese).

We also do a large number of English to Japanese translation and English to Thai translation projects, with somewhat smaller volumes into English from these languages.