Italian Translation

Italian translation has few complications for the professional Italian language translator. This is equally true whether required to translate Italian into English, or if translating from English into Italian.
We provide a full Italian document translation service for all types of materials.

Clients can choose between two levels of translation quality - our quality-assured or the more economical budget professional translation option.

All projects can also be supplied as certified translations.

An example of our Italian translation and typesetting work:

Italian translation & typesetting

Did you know?

Italian is an official language in Italy and Switzerland, and there are large Italian speaking populations in several other countries. There are over 60 million native speakers of Italian. As you would expect, there are differences between the various dialects of spoken Italian.

However written Italian is standardised, with only minor regional variation in vocabulary. Therefore, except in rare cases, a single Italian translation can be used for all target markets.

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Italian Translation with Typesetting

Italian is an unproblematic language to typeset in any graphic design program.

Typically the only issue that may arise will be around space. This is because English to Italian translations are generally longer than the original English text.

When typesetting into an existing English graphic design file, the same fonts can almost always be used for the Italian text.

See our separate page for information on our typesetting processes, capabilities and quality control measures relating to Italian typesetting.

Other Major European Languages Translated

Spanish is our main European language by volume, with a large number of projects requiringEnglish to Spanish translation.

Not far behind are requests to translate English to French documents, and we complete a large volume of translations from both these languages into English.

German to English translation is also in high demand, as are projects involving translation from English to Portuguese.