Hindi Translation

Hindi can be typed directly in Microsoft Office programs. Thus an English to Hindi translation can be supplied to clients as a Word file, generally with an accompanying pdf. However very few Hindi fonts come installed in the various versions of Windows, so style options are limited.

Historically there have been many different Hindi fonts and keyboard input systems developed for use with Windows. These have required the font and sometimes an additional input program to be installed on the computer. Unfortunately, fonts developed for one system were seldom compatible with those of other systems. Today we avoid these issues in our English to Hindi translation projects by using Unicode fonts.

Our English to Hindi translator team can handle all types of materials and texts, including translating technical documents. Often when we translate English to Hindi we also then typeset our translation in our client's graphic design file and provide finalised Hindi artwork.
Hindi typesetting example
Most Hindi translation work is supplied as quality-assured translations but clients can also opt for our budget professional translation service. This is more economical but has a lesser level of quality control.

In the other direction, our Hindi to English translation service encompasses documents of all types for both business and individual clients.

We also offer a certified translation service for any document we translate. This is particularly relevant for the translation of personal documents.

An example of our Hindi translation and typesetting work:

Hindi translation & typesetting

Did you know?

  • Hindi is an official language of the Federal Government of India
  • It is an official language in 9 of the 28 Indian states (there are 23 official languages in India)
  • Hindi is the most widely used language in India
  • It is considered the world's fourth most spoken language with over 300 million speakers
  • It is written using the Devanagari script, distinctive in that it has a horizontal line running along the top of letters

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Hindi Translation plus Typesetting

Typesetting a Hindi translation requires special expertise and thorough proofing.

Graphic design programs unfortunately do not correctly display Hindi text, or indeed that of any Indic script, without special plugins and specific workarounds. Even with the correct software though, we have found that individual Hindi fonts can “misbehave”. Certain letters or combinations of letters that display correctly in Word and other programs will transform and be incorrect in Illustrator and InDesign.

Hindi text almost always requires greater vertical line space than English. This is because it has upper and lower diacritic (accent) marks. Where space is tight this can be an issue, because if point sizes are reduced significantly the text may become too small for easy reading. Occasionally, design or layout may have to be amended to accommodate this.

To correctly typeset a Hindi translation a typesetter must therefore be familiar with the language and know the solutions to these inherent display issues. Our experience and expertise in the language has enabled us to provide error free, professional standard Hindi artwork over many years.

See our separate page for information on our typesetting processes, capabilities and quality control measures relating to Hindi typesetting.

Translation of other Indian languages

We also translate from English into all other major Indic languages, and from those languages into English. Our principal languages and pairings are:

  • Tamil translation, and particularly Tamil to English translation
  • Punjabi translation, particularly English to Punjabi translation
  • English to Nepali translation
  • Sinhalese translation, with greater volume in Sinhalese to English translation than into Sinhalese
  • Bangla (Bengali) translation
  • English to Gujarati translation

Other Major World Languages Translated

Mandarin is the world's most widely spoken language, and we translate English to Mandarin, or more correctly Simplified Chinese, in large volume. We also do English to Cantonese translation (Traditional Chinese), and considerable Chinese to English translation work.

The world's second most spoken language, Spanish, is also a major language for us. Our Spanish translation projects involve documents and materials of all types.

After English and Hindi, Arabic is the fifth most spoken language. Our Arabic translator teams are in constant demand, and we also process a large number of Arabic typesetting projects.

We translate all other major languages of India, SE Asia and Europe, with French translation providing our next largest volume of translation work.