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The 5 keys to an effective translator cover letter

[span7][spacer] A freelance translator cover letter targeting an agency should have one simple aim ... get them to read your CV. That’s it, nothing more. Which means your e-mail should be short, spike interest, and deliberately omit key information. [spacer] With this focus, knowing how to write an effective cover letter is really dead simple.…
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A freelance translator CV to dazzle the agencies

[span7][spacer] When writing your freelance translator CV to send to translation agencies it’s vital it's … well, perfect. Any shortcomings, and believe me, we agencies will be quick to hit the reject button. The problem, of course, is you won’t always be sure exactly what, and how much, detail your CV should include. Until now,…
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The 5 ways to earn a monster freelance translator salary

[span7][spacer] We all know some freelance translators earn super high salaries, and our examples below show just how much the highest paid translators can make. But I’m picking what you’d also really like to know is … … how do they do it? [spacer] Well, we’re going to tell you. We’ll break down the 5…
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